Your exponential skills acquisition tool is just around the corner.



Sound Future Initiative is an organisation that provides technology-enabled learning solutions that will ensure maximum return on investment for your budget spend.

We do this by offering a range of unique solutions to traditional learning barriers in learning and training environments.

Our blended learning eco-system has cutting edge functionality, customization, flexibility, security and metrics that is fit for YOUR purpose.

SFI has truly pioneered learning technology beyond an online courseware delivery platform into the realm of enterprise mobile, social game-enabled and xAPI-extended learning solutions in mother-tongue and contextualised to African contexts.



The break from poverty’s grip becomes believable when we see the next generation having access to quality contextual education.

The stakes are high.

Limited opportunity for too many young people results in dramatically lower life prospects for them and a worse quality of life for all of us.

Talk to us about custom solutions for your learning and training challenges.
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